Course Description

Course Information

Each course is a 4-day intensive tutorial using Animal Normalization Therapy (ANT©)
techniques following an Osteopathic Approach:

  • For veterinarians, vet. technicians, physical therapists, and other health care
  • Lecture, demonstration, and hands-on applied practice with an emphasis on
    palpatory skills
  • Human and animal comparison will be illustrated
  • Uses the principles of motion testing, inherent tissue motion, and motion in relation
    to the restrictive barrier
  • Inter-related (Introduction and Advanced are mandatory requirements for the
    other courses)
  • Approved by the Oregon and Washington Veterinary Licensing Board,
    Oregon Physical Therapy Licensing Board for CEUís, and American Holistic Veterinary
    Association (currently for the Extremity Class only.)

    Fee for each course: $850 (Fee increase to $950, Jan. 1, 2018)

  • Friday "Nutrition Night" is 1.5 hour class that covers varying topics: How to conduct
    general nutritional assessments for methylation, mineral and vitamin deficiencies,
    gluten, EMF, metal toxicity, nutrigenomics, and chronotyping. Classes are different with
    each course. Taught by Karen Dvornich, Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Certified Gluten
    Practitioner. Fee: $25

    Treatment in Oregon for medical conditions is by Veterinary referral only. If you should
    need assistance in obtaining a referral or if your veterinarian would like further information
    regarding our services, please contact South Hills Physical Therapy Clinic.

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