Animal Normalization Therapy Certification

Certification Class

Certification Requirements

Registration form (pdf)

Case studies

Two case studies must be submitted no later than November 1. Each of the case studies must have
1-2 follow-up sessions included. A photo of the animal is not mandatory but very nice to include. They
will be returned with comments at the beginning of the class.

Dog case study form
Cat case study form
Horse case study form

How to complete the form

Day 1 and 2

  • Review of techniques for all classes
  • Review the Class Manual containing summarized protocols and new graphics for all 5 classes
  • Students are paired up based on their experience
  • Students practice skills from every course and newer techniques such as lymphatics
  • Work on open-book test during lectures

    Day 3

  • Morning review of local dogs coming in, some that may have not been seen previously by Patricia.
  • Pairs of students have 2-hour appointment with local dog and owners
  • Review cases with class
  • Hand in open-book test for grading
  • Tuning forks and reflexology are introduced

    Day 4

  • Review open-book test answers
  • Students pair up for 2-hour appointment with a new dog and owner
  • Review cases with class
  • Question/answers

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